Hanukah and Christmas

Hanukah occurs in December (Dec 20 this year). I think that Hanukah has become a modern Jewish substitute for Christmas (presents are given). Originally this festival celebrates the Maccabees’ defeat of the Greeks in 165 BC. The Greeks had stopped the sacrifices at the Temple. They were oppressing God’s people and trying to bring an end to God’s one true religion. But…


Look up. Look more to your risen Head in heaven, and try to realize more that the Lord Jesus not only died for you, but that He also rose again, and that He is ever living at God’s right hand as your Priest, your Advocate, and your Almighty Friend.

How Big is the Universe?

    Evidence of God is scattered all throughout creation. The Bible (Romans 1:20) says that mankind is without excuse for the denial of God as his fingerprints are all around us. For me one of the things that always blows my mind about the size of God, then simultaneously humbles me when I realize what value He must place on my soul, is anything that illustrates the…

Farewell, Pastor Martin

Today is Pastor Martin Pakula’s final Sunday service as Interim Pastor of Hills Bible Church. Martin has been with us since June 2011, and has served the congregation at Hills faithfully week in and week out. It is a sad day, as we have grown in fellowship and friendship with Martin and Jennie. Martin’s clear and accurate expositional preaching has been provoking,…