Life Groups

Life Groups

Life Groups

“HBC exists to glorify God by making, maturing, and multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ in our local communities and to the least reached peoples of the earth.”

Life Group is an important environment where we work towards achieving our vision and mission.

What is the purpose of Life Group?

Life Groups make, mature and multiply disciples by carrying out the many “one anothers” throughout Scripture.

This is achieved through our four pillars:

  1. Discipleship: Connecting, sharing on scripture, edifying one another as we ‘do life together’ to grow in our love and service to Christ.
  2. Leadership development and strengthening: Develop leaders through bi-monthly training sessions with the church leadership and supporting them as God mould their characters and sharpen their skills in leading devotions and caring for one another within the Life Group.
  3. Missional Engagement: Serving our communities as the salt and light, reaching out to the lost and weary.
  4. Intentional Prayer: Interceding for one another encourages us to be real with our struggles, support and be accountable to one another, and to look to our sovereign God with a faith rooted in His promises.

What to expect?

Life Groups meet in homes each week to pray, study the Word, mutually encourage one another and reach their community for Christ.

Apart from general Life Groups by geographical locations, we have specific groups that cater for particular life stages, such as singles, newly marrieds, men, women, family groups, empty-nesters etc.

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(Updated: 2/6/2022)