Flawed and Fallen

Flawed and Fallen

Watch your Mouth

The great puritan pastor Thomas Brooks (1608-1680) spoke these informing words: “we know metals by their tinkling, and men by their talking.” Words can build up or they can tear down. Our words are a powerful tool. For this reason, the believer must watch their mouth and make use of their words to the glory of God.

Jesus is Sufficient

 Aliclairemilroy  I have been a Christian now for about 17 years. The more I learn the more I realize I don’t know. God has a funny way of humbling us and making us realize that we are not the centre of the universe, we are not what is most important. One of the greatest challenges any Christian faces is the life-long process of “denying ourselves‘ (Matt…

This is War!

The devil still fights us. Though he has been defeated by Jesus he goes on to make war on the church (Revelation 12:7f). The devil attacks the church by physical persecution (Revelation 13). But he also attacks the church by the more subtle attack of false teaching, which distorts the truth and takes Jesus’ servants away from him.

The Sinfulness of Sin

Nothing, I am convinced, will astonish us so much, when we awake in the resurrection day, as the view we shall have of sin and the retrospect we shall take of our own countless shortcomings and defects. Never till the hour when Christ comes the second time shall we fully realize the ‘sinfulness of sin’.

True Christianity is a Fight

J. C. Ryle “The man of granite, with the heart of a child.” 1816-1900Martyn Lloyd-Jones described Ryle’s writings as “a distillation of true Puritan theology presented in a highly readable and modern form.” “I am bold to say that perhaps few men in the nineteenth century did so much for God, for truth, for righteousness, among the…