'Satan' Tagged Posts

'Satan' Tagged Posts

The Background to the Baby in the Manger

A baby in a manger sounds so peaceful. But what was the background to this story and was it all peaceful? Revelation 12 gives the account of an intense battle. It is the story of a woman who is with child. As she reaches the point of labour pains, an enemy confronts her. This is no ordinary enemy – it is a furious dragon. The dragon rages against the woman because…

What are Angels and Demons?

Angelic beings have and continue to gain much attention and fascination in our society. There are many bizarre and dangerous teachings when it comes to the angelic, which clearly ignore the clear teaching of Scripture. Angelic beings are not eternal as they are created beings (Col. 1:16). The Scriptures speak of angels worshipping God during creation (Job 38:7), so it…

This is War!

The devil still fights us. Though he has been defeated by Jesus he goes on to make war on the church (Revelation 12:7f). The devil attacks the church by physical persecution (Revelation 13). But he also attacks the church by the more subtle attack of false teaching, which distorts the truth and takes Jesus’ servants away from him.