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'mercy' Tagged Posts

Down, But Not Out

How many times have you disobeyed the Lord and not received what you deserved? I am sure that if we all think long and hard, we will be amazed that we are still here! Why is that? God is merciful and gracious. There are many things that we have done that removed us from the pathway of obedience. We know what His Word says, but we selfishly reject it. Such acts of…

Getting the Gospel Right

Getting the gospel right is critical.  The word “gospel” comes from the Greek word euangelion, which literally means “good news”. It is good news because it contains the message of God’s salvation to sinful man. It contains the declaration of deliverance from sin. If we are going to get the gospel right, it is essential that we understand the…

Christ our Advocate

The people of God have much to rejoice over. The more one reads the Scriptures and studies the doctrine of salvation, they are reminded how much the Lord has done and how grateful we ought to be. One of the blessings of the gospel is that Christ is our Advocate.

God’s Law and Mercy

Photo credit: under the Creative Commons license, by rogerimp. In 1 Samuel 21:3-6, David takes the “holy bread,” i.e. the Bread of the Presence (see Leviticus 24:5-9), and eats it. In fact, the priest even gives it to him. He doesn’t steal it; Ahimelech offers it as food. On the surface of things, David is doing something that is directly contrary to the…