Stranger Evangelism

Stranger Evangelism

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I’m always amazed at the capacity we Christians have for justifying our own sinfulness and apathy.  I have done my fair share of stranger evangelism in the past.  It’s not easy, but almost always rewarding (and easier than you think it will be!).  Stranger evangelism is basically the idea of walking up to someone you don’t know and sharing the gospel with them.  This could take the form of door-knocking or walk up evangelism at University or the shopping centre, etc.  But it’s amazing how many reasons Christians can suddenly think of as to why we shouldn’t do it!

This week I was out at the University campus, not doing stranger evangelism, but inviting strangers to come and learn the Bible.  Many said Yes.  But it’s interesting: within this last week I have had a Jehovah’s Witness knock on my door.  Two of the students helping me this week were approached by Mormons.  I gave an invitation to a Muslim student who then gave me back her own pamphlets.  Hers looked much better than mine!  They were refuting Christianity very bluntly.[1]

So why do stranger evangelism?  Why not do it?  I can’t think of any reason except my own fear.  Should we not take the good news of Jesus to everyone?  But one reason we should do it is that every cult and religion out there are already doing it.  People are being taken away from the truth by false teachings put out by such groups.  Who else is going to combat such things if we don’t?

I’m glad though that I believe in the sovereignty of God.  If it were up to me to combat all the false teachings being espoused out there, I would be apoplectic with anxiety!  Thank God that he is in control and that he brings those who are his to a saving knowledge of himself through the gospel.  Will you be one of the people he uses to do that?


[1] I suspect that if our Christian group put out pamphlets refuting Islam we would be in a lot of trouble – not just with Muslims, but with our own authorities.  I’m sure this young lady and her friends will get into no such trouble.  Ironic, isn’t it?


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