Abortion and Animal Rights

Abortion and Animal Rights

I took this photo while I walking through Box Hill Centro. I don’t have a big problem with animal rights, and have no problem with the bank putting these posters up. This is not a rant against either of those two parties. I come in peace.

I have some observations to make about another issue.

1. There are about 250 babies killed by medical professionals in Australia . . . each day. That equates to 80,000-90,000 abortions a year. In Australia. Modern, civilised, “progressive” Australia.

2. Many of those abortions were government funded, through Medicare. Your tax money goes towards the killing of babies, and the active promotion of abortion. Our nation is corporately complicit in this.

3. If the poster above had a premature baby being held by a doctor, or a mother, but still said “Give me a voice”,  it would be condemned as insensitive, politically incorrect and deceitful. There is no way that a bank would display that poster.

4. We care more about animals than human babies.

5. I conclude that we are a very confused, and morally corrupt generation.

God says we are not to murder. Our nation, is complicit in the murders the most helpless and vulnerable in our society. God have mercy!

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  1. Martin Pakula (Author)

    I TOTALLY agree. But I suppose the difference is that we want to be God over ourselves. The great irony is that losing a foetus is still seen as an absolute tragedy if the mother wanted it. But if she doesn’t it is almost the other way around – a tragedy that she couldn’t choose to have it killed. We want divine sovereignty over the child.
    Before I was a Christian I thought the argument had merit that the mother has a right over her own body. Now I see how ridiculous that is: it’s not her body! She is carrying another body and has no right to kill it. The fact that our nation encourages such killings, when not for life-threatening medical reasons, is an enormous mark against us. We are “Babylon”.

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