Decisions, Guidance and the Will of God

Decisions, Guidance and the Will of God

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Decisions, guidance and the will of God. Wow, that is a loaded topic! Yet it is something that we as God’s people know to be very important. When it comes to a discussion on the topic of decisions, guidance and the will of God there is sadly much confusion. In this post (and in a number to follow) I want to look at the important matter of trying to find out God’s will for our particular situation. It is a topic that we will continually be faced with for the rest of our life. Our lives are filled with decisions both small and large. Decisions can range from what we will wear to whom we will marry and there is a lot in between. When it comes to any decision, we ought to have the desire to do what God would have us do. The difficulty comes when we try to work out what God wants us to do.

Sadly, people have some weird and wacky ways of discovering the will of God. I remember hearing the story of a young lady who was praying to the Lord to find out if it was His will for her to be a foreign missionary. After some time in prayer she looked up at the time and it was 7:47, and she took this as a sign that she should board a 747 and become a missionary! Perhaps you are acquainted with those who use the “lucky dip” method of flicking through the Bible, placing your finger on a verse and then you have your answer! This of course can be really dangerous. If you are wondering what you should wear to an outing and by using this approach what would you do if you read a verse like “but he left the linen cloth and ran away naked” (Mark 14:52) or “with worn-out, patched sandals on their feet, and worn-out clothes” (Joshua 9:5). You might want to reconsider the legitimacy of this method!

This introduces a series of posts on the topic of decisions, guidance and the will of God. In this series of posts, it is my plan to provide you with a number of guiding principles drawn from Scripture.


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