Some excellent resources from UCCF

Some excellent resources from UCCF

UCCF: The Christian Unions in the United Kingdom, have a couple of excellent websites. Both are vital resources for the Christian. I have utilised them for a number of years, now, and have not been disappointed at any point.

The biggest website is This is an immense apologetics resource, featuring articles, talks, interviews, debates, and scholarly papers, all free of charge. Topics include culture & worldview, other religions, the historical Jesus,  evangelism, and many others. There are talks from some of the greats of Christian apologetics, including Francis Shaeffer and William Lane Craig, and you’ll be introduced to some excellent British apologists like Michael Ramsden and Amy Orr-Ewing. If you talk with non-believers (and I sincerely hope you do!) you should utilise this resource. It covers just about everything you want to cover.

The second website from the UCCF crowd is This is another brilliant resource, this time focusing on theology, and church history. Mike Reeves is the dominant figure on this website, and he really is one of the best communicators in theology today. Again, there are articles, talks, interviews, and so on. Many of the talks are from UCCF staff training sessions, and so are good for someone looking to tuck into some meaty, but accessible, material. There are sections on basic Christian beliefs, biblical studies, historical theology (including an outstanding series of talks on important theological figures from the Apostolic Fathers through to the awful, but important, Friedrich Schleiermacher). Download some articles to read, or put some talks on your phone to listen to while driving. It’s good stuff.


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