God Ever New

God Ever New

Gregory of Nyssa compares God to a spring:

“As you came near the spring you would marvel, seeing that the water was endless, as it constantly gushed up and poured forth.  Yet you could never say that you had seen all the water.  How could you see what was still hidden in the bosom of the earth?  Hence no matter how long you might stay at the spring you would always be beginning to see the water.  For the water never stops flowing, and it is always beginning to bubble up again.  It is the same with one who fixes his gaze on the infinite beauty of God.  It is constantly being discovered anew, and it is always seen as something new and strange in comparison with what the mind has already understood.  And as God continues to reveal himself, man continues to wonder; and he never exhausts his desire to see more, since what he is waiting for is always more magnificent, more divine, than all that he has already seen.”

HT: Peter Leithart

Photo Credit: Icon of St. Gregory of Nyssa
(14th century frescoChora ChurchIstanbul)


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