The Shocking Youth Message with Paul Washer

The Shocking Youth Message with Paul Washer

This one is a lot longer than most of the videos that are published here, but it’s worth watching. A great sermon by Paul Washer recorded at a Southern Baptist 2002 youth conference that led to him not being invited back.

Would he be invited to speak at your church?

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Transcript: “The Shocking Youth Message”

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  1. Rob Caraher

    Well I watched the whole sermon and I must say Mr. Washer certainly has a zeal for God. But one thing he forgot to do is talk about the coversion of Paul and Pauls past life of murder torture and just plain viscious sin.
    Now lets extrapolate on Paul who is the apostle to me a gentile. First of all Paul said I became like them to convert them. Now Jesus said marvel not that I said ye must be born again and the wind blows where it will and you dont know from where it comes from and you dont know to where it goes so is everyone who is born again. So to me that says you better not judge anyone lest they judge you. So to me that says the Holy spirit is in the most demonic illuminati movie and the Holy Spirit is in the most demonic heavy metal music. How else can all things be brought to God and every knee bow to Christ Jesus. The true church is where there are two or more gathered in my name.Paul also said because of the heresy started at the council of Jerusalem that henceforth anyone just believes is saved

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