The Blog Series for Christian Singles

The Blog Series for Christian Singles

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Here are the links for the series “A Word to those we are Single

A Word to those who are Single I: Concerning Singleness
The Internet is filled with various “helps” for singles meeting singles. Among many in society and the church there appears to be this false notion that there is something wrong with being single. This false notion leads to an obsession where people try to mix and match people while disregarding their situation. Sadly, there are [Continue Reading…]

A Word to those who are Single II: Advantages of being Single
Though being single is not superior to being married (nor is being married superior to being single), singleness does contain certain advantages that marriage doesn’t have. In 1 Corinthians 7:25-40 Paul has a lengthy discussion that provides advantages of being single. This passage can be summarized by two advantages: Less Distress and Unbroken Devotion. Less [Continue Reading…]

A Word to those who are Single III: Challenges of being Single
Sure, being single has it advantages, but it also has it challenges. Those that aren’t single can tend to think that because people are not married they are carefree and don’t have a worry in the world. It certainly is true that singles don’t have the same responsibilities or concerns as married people, but there [Continue Reading…]

A Word to those who are Single IV: Satisfied Singles
What does God require of those who are single? Whether you are a satisfied or struggling single it is God’s will that you be the person He desires you to be for His glory. This means that you submit your life and desires to the Lordship of Christ and walk according to the will of [Continue Reading…]

A Word to those who are Single V: Struggling Singles
What is a struggling single? This is a single person that desires to marry but hasn’t found any prospects. Know and understand that the desire to marry is good because marriage is good (cf. Gen. 2:18). Marriage is the oldest institution in the history of the world and is a Divinely established institution. Why is [Continue Reading…]


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