Nothing Special about a Bible Reading Schedule

Nothing Special about a Bible Reading Schedule

In James last post, he wrote about Holiday Guilt.

His post addressed his sense of guilt arising from a slip in discipline. His reaction to a failure to maintain a Bible reading and prayer schedule was that he was displeasing God and that in so doing he would somehow earn God’s disfavour.

Well, James post points out the folly of this logic, so I won’t repeat what he has writes there.

Prior to James post and without collaboration on the subject of spiritual discipline, I independently decided to commence a new through-the-Bible reading schedule as it’s been a few years since I systematically read the Bible right through. I started this just before Christmas.

I’ve looked at many Bible reading schedules and each has its own merits, but I’ve been impressed with the new electronic through-the-Bible programs from YouVersion™. It’s a feature-rich website that offers over 50 reading plans, many Bible versions, and a 30/90/365 or 730 day pace, so you can customise your Bible Reading Plan to meet your needs. It’s designed to  work with computers, and all mobile electronic devices. If you are a busy person always on the run, the reading schedule can be accessed anywhere. And if reading in sync with an online community is your style, you can choose this option also. Why not join me as I read through the Bible this year – I will Tweet my progress as I go. You can hold me accountable.

Now here’s where James comments come in.

I know there will be days when I fail to complete the reading – but that’s not a sin, nor will it detract from my schedule – I can just start reading where I left off.

The schedule is not date-specific but sequential. So don’t worry about the days you miss – you can just re-start reading and you will be up to speed. There is nothing special about maintaining a schedule – the important thing is that you do your best to get into the Word. The schedule is simply a tool – the benefit is in the reading – not in the schedule. It’s not a race. And don’t worry about what other people are doing – just listen for the voice of God and keep reading.

I’ll be praying for you as you read this year. Please pray for me.

Stick with it! This daily time in God’s Word will change your life.


  1. Stu (Author)

    In having a quick look it looks like a great tool. It’s very easy to journal and make notes and bookmarks. I might try it out and see how it goes. Thanks for that Don.

    • Don

      Thanks, Stu.

      I’ve just completed my first three weeks.

      It takes me about 20 minutes each morning including the notes I make as I read. I’ve chosen the Chronological 365-day Reading Plan in the ESV.

      What a blessing.

  2. Soli Deo Gloria

    What a coincidence, thats the one I chose. In the past I have simple started at Genesis and read through, marking up as I went. But one of the advantages of this electronic method is that you can easily pick your way through in chronological order, and view the long expected Saviour from their vantage point.
    You have done us a great service here.

    • Soli Deo Gloria

      Well I have been following the chronological reading, and in a sense it satisfies my appreciation of a logical approach, but more than that it has been a real blessing in that it helps give a precious perspective for the Christian life. What I mean is that when you see God through the eyes of the patriarchs, and see just how vigorous their faith was, it gives me hope and encouragement. Take Job for example, he is one of the first to know and follow the Lord, and he was tested to extreme. What did he have? Only a naked faith in the living God! The insinuations of Jobs friends basically questioned his integrity, and Job really struggled with this. But the section that thrills me above all is where the Lord breaks in at chapter 38 to demonstrate the greatness of his knowledge, power, wisdom, and supremacy in this world. It left Job speechless, and left the ignorant friends embarrassed and humbled.

      The lesson from this I think is that you can theorise as much as you like …. but GOD KNOWS. Did God create all things in 6 x 24 hour days? He knows! Could he do this? Of course He could! But what about the scientific evidence? Well its all a bit like the advice of Job’s friends, its plain human logic and surmising without the benefit of all the knowledge that the Creator has! “who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge”?! How apt this is for our own day. Has our knowledge managed to count all the stars? Has our knowledged mapped the deepest parts of the ocean? No! But God has.

      How precious to me are your thoughts O God! How vast is the sum of them! Psa 139v17

  3. Don

    Yes, like you, I’m being tremendously blessed by this systematic approach to reading God’s Word.

    I now realise I had been selecting random passages to read prior to commencing the YouVersion reading plan. Without consciously meaning to do so, I guess I had been avoiding some of the accounts of the early patriarchs.

    I’m currently reading through the ten curses God brings upon the Egyptians as Moses pleads to the Pharaoh to “let God’s people go.”

    In these accounts, God demonstrates His sovereignty over every aspect of His creation, natural things, living things, and the hearts of men. In so doing, He also repeatedly displays His grace as He spares His children from the curses he meets upon those who harden their hearts against Him.

    I’m also reading DonCarson’s God Who is There. At this point of my reading in Carson’s book it somewhat parallels my Scripture reading. I was unaware of this when I started his book – it seems no coincidence to me.

    • Soli deo gloria

      I really enjoyed looking at you J C Ryle site, and especially the piece on the Bible by Samuel R Boggs.
      Thanks again – now to take some of his advice ……

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