An Overview of Habakkuk

An Overview of Habakkuk

Have you ever noticed that strange and terrible things are happening in the world? The answer to that question is really obvious. It would be really hard not to notice. But what’s not always obvious is why strange and terrible things are happening. Sometimes things happen and we simply have no answers. One of the most common questions we ask is “Why?”

This leads me to introduce you to the book of Habakkuk. This brief book consisting of three chapters is the eighth book in the Book of the Twelve, otherwise known as the Minor Prophets. The book begins, “The oracle that Habakkuk the prophet saw” (Hab. 1:1). The word “oracle” could also be translated as “burden”. It is referring to the message that God had revealed to the prophet and the rest of this book contains that message.

This book was written during the spiritual and political decline of Judah, and prior to its fall. Habakkuk was troubled by the moral depravity of the people of Judah and he wasn’t sure why God allowed this moral slide to go unpunished. In this book we learn that God answers his question, but the answer gives the prophet more problems. In the end, we learn that through his struggle, he learns to submit to God’s sovereign plan and to trust Him. There are three major themes in this book that we will observe. In this introduction and overview, we learn about the prophet’s problems, the Lord’s power, and the prophet’s prayer.

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