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God is in Heaven

Our Father in heaven” (Matt. 6:8)? In this post I want to dwell on the two words “in heaven” because they are filled with glorious truth that ought to greatly encourages us when we pray. The Scriptures teach that God is everywhere (omnipresent). Yet in a special way, His abode is located in Heaven. It is the place in which He rules and governs the…

The Prosperity Gospel?

“If you profess to be a child of God, leave to the Lord Jesus to sanctify you in His own way. Rest satisfied that He never makes any mistakes. Be sure that He does all things well. The winds may howl around you, and waters swell. But fear not, ‘He is leading you by the right way, that He may bring you to a city of habitation’ (Psalm 107:7).”

Our Faithful Shepherd

Every time I cried out in pain and confusion, God graciously touched me in some way, giving me what I needed to push on. He has taught me that His purpose for my life is based firstly on holiness and not happiness. Despite being unhappy many times during those two to three years, I am truly thankful and in awe of how good and gracious God was in teaching and developing me…
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