'Relationships' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

'Relationships' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

What Lies Beneath?

I always find looking at an iceberg chilling. Ok… that’s bad humour… please excuse my play on words! However when looking at an iceberg from the perceived safety of a boat all can seem harmless. But as we know below the surface it’s an entirely different story! All is not what it seems. This reminds me of the reality of sin in our lives. On the…

Forgiving Others

God shows His grace and mercy to us through Christ by giving us what we don’t deserve in the gift of salvation and eternal life with Him, thereby taking away our deserved punishment of death and eternity separated from God.

Tough love

Confrontation is a part of any healthy relationship. However we must first look at ourselves first before we confront someone else. Also confrontation should always be done with the attitude of the other person’s benefit, not with an attitude of condemnation.