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'prophecy' Tagged Posts

The Messiah in the Manger

The birth of Jesus was an extraordinary birth. It came as the result of the sovereign plan of God. This sovereign plan was determined before the foundation of world and in time was revealed in the Scriptures. It is for this reason the entrance of Jesus Christ into the world was not random or reactionary. He entered into the world in precise fulfillment to prophecy. Over…

Oliphint on “getting a word from God”

Picture credit: Some rights reserved by epiclectic Back in September, K. Scott Oliphint penned an article over at Reformation 21 on the tension between the concept of “getting a word from God“, and the Reformed and Evangelical doctrine of Scripture. I only read it quite recently, but…

The Spirit of Prophecy

Often we think of prophecy as some sort of futuristic prediction. We can be quite self-centred, thinking that prophecy is a proclamation of what God has in store for me and my life specifically in the future. Of course God could tell us such things. However prophecy in the Bible very rarely works like that.