'peace' Tagged Posts

'peace' Tagged Posts

True Peace

One time when Jesus was on a boat with His disciples a storm broke loose and the waves crashed into the boat and it started to flood with water. The disciples found Jesus peacefully sleeping in the stern of the boat, and fearing for the their lives they woke Him up. Jesus arose and said with boldness, “Peace, be still!” (Mark 4:39). Then there was a calm.

The King has Come

When Jesus was born, there were shepherds on the surrounding hills of this region. As they were watching over their flocks, an angel from the Lord appeared to them with a message, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11). Shortly after this a host of angels appeared in the sky saying, “glory to God…

Certain Hope

We live in a deprived, tough and cruel world. We have the constant and relentless inner battle with our sinful natures. We fight against an enemy that wants nothing more than to tear us down and see us suffer needlessly! But we need not despair. We need not cower into our shells. We need not give up under the crushing burdens of guilt, shame, anxiety, fear or loneliness.

Why do I need Jesus?

Recently I was given the opportunity to tell people at church about how I came to be a Christian. It’s always a bit nerve-racking to stand up the front of a group of people and be vulnerable about your past. However I am a strong believer in being real about our struggles and trials in life so that we can see God’s power at work. No one is perfect. Everyone…

Christ’s Sacrifice for Us

We get so caught up in living for ourselves, that we put Him aside as a side-dish or just ‘a part’ of our lives. How tragic!! Praise God that Jesus didn’t have the same attitude that we so often have. He completed the work He was sent to do, and as a result brought glory to His Father (John 17:4) and has offered us the only source of salvation (John 14:6) from an eternity…