'feelings' Tagged Posts

'feelings' Tagged Posts

Concerning the Conscience

Despite the efforts of many to ignore bad behaviour by suppressing or explaining away guilt, it is important for us to be asking questions like, “why am I feeling guilty” or “why am I filled with shame?” By asking such questions we are attempting to get to the source of problems rather than simply shifting the blame and thus ignoring the problem.

Divorce and “Blame”

Divorce and remarriage is too big a topic to deal with in a short blog piece. My basic view, for the record, is that divorce is allowed only for sexual immorality (Matthew 5:32) or if a non-Christian partner abandons you (1 Corinthians 7:15). However, forgiveness and reconciliation are to be sought at all costs even when there has been adultery. I do not accept other…

Feeling Bad and Repentance

This is a wise saying, is it not? Convictions (i.e. ‘feeling bad’) and legal qualms are not equivalent to repentance. They must be present in order to reach a state of repentance, but only the gospel can bring someone to Christ fully repentant. ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING****

We Are Called to be Holy, Not Happy

We need to stay clear of environments and activities that may have satisfied our human desires in the past, but clearly dishonour and stain what God has for us. We need to stand firm when this world tries to entice us towards ungodly activities and self-absorbed ways of thinking, no matter how much we are chastised and relentlessly persecuted! We need to be honest with…

Top Ten Pickup Lines Used By Adam

Men have faced an uphill challenge attracting a suitable mate in the pursuit of which they often resort to the corniest one-liners any could imagine. But don’t worry men, this is a problem as old as history itself.

Guarding our Hearts

The heart is the emotional core that beats within us. It is like a spring of water within, revealing the image of who we are to others. No wonder it will be the primary attack of Satan. He loves using our emotions against us. We must protect our heart above all else, otherwise we will find ourselves spiralling down a path of lies and emotional turmoil!