'Family' Tagged Posts

'Family' Tagged Posts

The Mission of Motherhood

With Mother’s Day approaching, I would like to take some time to write about the precious and powerful mission of motherhood. A day in the life of a mother can be busy and bustling. The task of motherhood is a high calling but sadly many are undervaluing the value of this great status. There is an intrinsic value in motherhood because it is something God designed.…

Relating to your Parents

It is always sad to hear of those who are orphans. You hear of those who have been abandoned or because of a pressure the parents cannot handle, the child becomes an orphan. It is sad hearing of those children who became orphans because they lost their parents due to death or some form of separation that the parents could not prevent. Our hearts go out for those who do…

Recommended Reading (3 August 2015)

    SOME THOUGHTS ON LIFE – WHAT WE ARE AND WHAT WE WERE By Kevin DeYoung Kevin DeYoung asks his readers a number of thought provoking and confronting questions. This post is written in a way that really should get us thinking on issues of human life. He starts off by asking, “What shall we call the unborn in the womb? If the entity is a living…

The Roles in Marriage: Husbands

What does the Lord require of a husband? Husbands are to make sure that they are fulfilling their role in leading their wives with love. Husbands are to love their wives just as Christ loves the church (Eph. 5:25). The word for love goes beyond romantic affection. This word has to do with an unconditional loyalty and commitment – a love that keeps on loving. This…

Being a Family to the Glory of God

The family is an institution ordained by God. In fact, it is the oldest of any earthly institution and therefore is at the foundation of society. Without the family unit, society will fall. God designed the family for His glory and for our benefit. The biblical blueprint of a family will be different to the norm of the world (which is continually corrupting the family…

Children and Discipline

I want to thank again all those who have responded to our request for blog topics. Here is a response to a question we were asked. The question: “What are the implications of this verse?” Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. Great question! And this is very topical in Melbourne and Australia…

Family Before Ministry

We must kill the myth of the ‘super-pastor’, the one who is available to everyone at all times, for whatever need they have, no matter how small. This idea needs to be killed as the expectation of our congregations and it needs to be killed as the example to be strived for by those who lead our churches. ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING****

A *Father’s Day Tribute

At a church service our pastor asked three men to give testimony to the influence of their fathers in their lives. All three men gave glowing accounts of the many ways in which their fathers had shaped their lives, of the importance of their father’s example and the many memories they had of their Christian influence.

Letter to My Mom

Your kindness, compassion and resolve during that time towards Dad are exemplary of you gracious inner qualities that I have grown to admire and respect. I saw you emerge from behind your non-assertive persona into a strong and determined woman, and whilst I had seen this in you before, I had forgotten about this aspect of you nature. It surprised me once again.