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'Faith' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

Why the Right Kind of Faith is Important

Do you have faith? Many will answer “yes!” I often hear people talk about having faith. Faith in others, faith in themselves, faith in circumstances, and even faith in nothing! So here is the second and more important question, do you have saving faith? What I mean by that is, does your faith become the means in which you take hold of complete forgiveness of…

Faith and Assurance

© Shawn Hempel – Fotolia.com In a book I was reading this week, there was a distinction made between faith and assurance. The author certainly asserted that not only is there such a thing in the Bible as assurance, but that it is most earnestly to be desired and sought.  However he made it clear that in his opinion, and the opinion of many authors (he quoted 30!),…


We normally don’t require any strategy for talking about things about which we are passionate. Most of us could go on infinitum about our favorite sports team. We are not trying to land a ‘knock-out punch’ here, or close the sale. That’s God’s job. So why not simply tell others, “One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”? (John 9:25). There is nothing as…

Justified by the Resurrection

There needs to be time for the gospel to go out into the world so that people can hear it and be saved. Jesus’ resurrection spells the end for this creation; it shows us that judgement is nigh; and it means that the new creation is just around the corner. ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING****

Christian Hope

A belief in the return of Jesus means that our Christian hope for sinless perfection, justice, prosperity, and health are deferred from this life to the life to come. We eagerly await the return of Jesus because such things as these will be ours when he comes again. ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING****