'By Grace you are saved' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

'By Grace you are saved' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

No Power in Faith

I acquired a Kindle this past Spring. It has been one of the best technology purchases I’ve made in recent years – not so much because of the technology, but because it has opened the door to the writings of men of God. I have loaded the works of men like Bunyan, G.K. Chesterson, John Calvin, D.A.Carson, John Owen, Charels Stanley, Wayne Gruden, Martin Luther,…

The Myth of Circumstantial Freedom

MOST PEOPLE say that they believe in “free will.” Do you have any idea what that means? I believe that you will find a great deal of superstition on this subject. The will is saluted as the grand power of the human soul which is completely free to direct our lives. But from what is it free? And what is its power?

What Lies Beneath?

I always find looking at an iceberg chilling. Ok… that’s bad humour… please excuse my play on words! However when looking at an iceberg from the perceived safety of a boat all can seem harmless. But as we know below the surface it’s an entirely different story! All is not what it seems. This reminds me of the reality of sin in our lives. On the…

Why do I need Jesus?

Recently I was given the opportunity to tell people at church about how I came to be a Christian. It’s always a bit nerve-racking to stand up the front of a group of people and be vulnerable about your past. However I am a strong believer in being real about our struggles and trials in life so that we can see God’s power at work. No one is perfect. Everyone…