How Much Should I Pray?

How Much Should I Pray?

How Much Should We Pray?

How often should I pray for something? For how long? 7 times? 70 time 7? I like what Peter Leithart has to say about the matter over at First Things. He uses Paul’s “thorn” of the flesh example, and Jesus parable about the persistent widow, and plays them off against each other:

“Weakness was essential to [Paul’s] apostolic ministry, an enfleshment of his proclamation of the crucified Son.

“Jesus tells a parable about an importunate widow who won’t take No for an answer, but who pesters the judge until he does justice.

Which is it? Pray a few times and leave it with God? Or keep praying until God knuckles under and does what you want?”

Read the rest here. His answer is very pastoral and very biblical.

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