We are at War: Be Armed (Part 1)

We are at War: Be Armed (Part 1)

We are at War: Be Armed (Part 1) | Ephesians 6:14-15

Living a life pleasing to the Lord and engaging in the mission of the church is not easy because there are powerful supernatural beings that strategise and attack. Because of this, God makes available his power and divine resources to believers so they can resist the assaults of these hostile spirits and advance God’s kingdom into the world. Believers are therefore called to be strong in the Lord and His power and put on six indispensable pieces of God’s armour. In this lesson we learn that because we are at war with the spiritual forces of evil we must be armed with the armour of God to maintain our testimony and extend God’s glory.

  1. Be armed with the belt of truth (v. 14a)
  2. Be armed with the breastplate of righteousness (v. 14b)
  3. Be armed with the gospel of peace (v. 15)

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