Live to Please God, Not Man

Live to Please God, Not Man

Upon assuming his role, the newly appointed Governor Festus immediately met with Jewish leaders in Jerusalem to sure up support and secure peace. In a desire to have the Apostle Paul secretly assassinated, the Jewish leadership requested a retrial for false charges that he was found innocent of two years ago. As Paul faced his accusers in Caesarea, the reader encounters two contrasting characters: Festus and Paul.

Festus was a man who was willing to forgo justice to protect his own office, whereas Paul was willing to die if it meant upholding justice. Festus was a man-pleaser who would end up dying in office within two years. Paul was a God-pleaser who, after appealing to Caesar, would testify to the facts about Christ in Rome.

In this study we learn that God will protect and honour His servants who seek to courageously please Him and He will use them for His sovereign purposes.

  1. Festus the man-pleaser (vv. 1-9)
  2. Paul the God-pleaser (vv. 10-12)

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