Husbands: Lead by Loving

Husbands: Lead by Loving

Husbands: Lead by Loving | Ephesians 5:25-33

Paul projects a vision in this passage (vv. 22-33) for a distinctively Christian marriage. He bases his instructions for each spouse not on what is appropriate in Roman culture, but on lessons that can be derived from the nature of the relationship between the church and Christ. Husbands are head over the wife as Christ is the head of the church and therefore lead their wives by lovingly sacrificing themselves for their physical and spiritual wellbeing. This is true leadership. In this message we learn that a spirit-filled husband will lead his wife by loving her as Christ loves the church.

  1. Command to love (vv. 25; 28; 33)
  2. Model of love (vv. 25-27)
  3. Motivation of love (vv. 28-31)

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