Effort That’s Rewarded

Effort That’s Rewarded

How can we grow in godliness? How do we best be salt and light in this world while not being adversely affected by this world? In other words, how do you grow in sanctification; that progressive disconnect from sin toward righteousness? These are the questions this passage answers. Through this message we discover that sanctification is not something that is handed to us, but something that is attained through spirit dependent effort to seek wisdom and understanding through the Word of God.

Main lesson: The Lord gives wisdom to those who earnestly seek Him, which leads to a changed life today, protection tomorrow, and security for eternity


  1. If you get serious with God (vv. 1-4)
  2. Then God will eagerly respond (vv. 5-8)
  3. Then you will be …
    1. Changed today (vv. 9-11)
    2. Protected tomorrow (vv. 12-19)
    3. Secure for eternity (vv. 20-22)

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