Strength in the River

Strength in the River

Term 1, 2024 | Sunday 4 February – Sunday 24 March 2024

Strength in the River | Lessons in Hope from Suffering Saints in the Bible

This Equip class is for women who want to know how to respond in times of suffering & adversity. Over the next 8 weeks we are going to take a closer look at the lives of different characters in the Bible and how they responded to the intense suffering they faced. We will cover topics such as “God’s sovereignty is bigger than you think”, “Finding God’s power in your weakness” & “Pleading with and praising the Lord”. So please join us as we let Scripture teach us how to Biblically and practically respond when faced with our own trials.

Lesson 1: God’s Sovereignty in Suffering | Sherry Magara
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Lesson 2: James, Solving the problem is not the point | Joy Lyddy
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Lesson 3: Jesus, Submit willingly to the plan of God | Joy Lyddy
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Lesson 4: Abraham, Trust in the integrity of God | Sherry Magara

Lesson 5: Paul, Find God’s power in your weakness | Melody Tan

Lesson 6: David, Plead with and praise the Lord | Melody Tan

Lesson 7: Peter, Obey the Lord in the midst of sorrow | Phyllis Bohret

Lesson 8: Heman, Be confident in the Lord’s presence in the darkness | Phyllis Bohret