The Thieves of Joy

The Thieves of Joy


There are things in our lives that rob us of joy and we can call them the killjoys of the Christian life. These killjoys are strategic and scheming thieves. They are relentless in their attempted robbery and they are masters of disguise. Seeing that it is our duty to be a people that rejoice (Phil. 4:4; 1 Thess. 5:16), it must be our mission to recognize these thieves and do what we can to make sure they don’t rob us of the blessedness of our joy.


There are two specific villains that I will consider: unconfessed sin and pride. These two culprits are depraved, deceptive and destructive. We need to be familiar with them so we can shun them. They are depraved because at their core they stand opposed to the holiness of God. They will be crafty and persistent in promoting all that opposes God’s holiness and endorses worldliness. They are deceptive because they promise benefits, but they are fraudulent. Finally, they are destructive because they strip us of joy and lead us down a pathway that hardens our conscience leaving us miserable and despondent. I will consider with some detail this devious duo in coming posts.


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