A Prayer for Australia before the 2016 Federal Election

A Prayer for Australia before the 2016 Federal Election



Our Father, the Creator, Sustainer and Sovereign of all things. Blessed be Your Name forever and ever, to You belong wisdom and might. You alone are the Lord, the great, the mighty, and awesome God. By Your power You change times and seasons; and remove kings and set up kings. You are the One who gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. I ask that You forgive us for our sins. Our nation has ignored Your ways and has chased after corrupt things. As a nation we have rebelled against You and chosen evil rather than good. According to Your great loving kindness and mercy, I pray for Your forgiveness.


I come before You in prayer and commit our nation to You. I thank You for Your sweet providence and ongoing care and provision for us as a nation. You have granted us untold blessings. I also thank You for being so gracious to us and for giving us governing authorities. Your Word teaches us that there are no authorities except from You, and the authorities that exist are appointed by You. Our leaders are Your servants for our good, so I thank you for the gift of government.


On Saturday our nation faces an important decision. I pray that all those who have a responsibility to vote will make an informed decision. Apart from Your grace and mercy we will receive what we deserve. I ask that You provide us with leadership better than we deserve. I pray that our elected Prime Minister and other elected leaders would be marked by godly conviction, character, clarity, courage and wisdom according to Your Word. I ask that our government would be used of You to restrain evil, promote righteousness and to lead with responsibility. I pray that our leaders would uphold and protect the sanctity of human life (including the unborn) and the institution of marriage as ordained by You. Thank You Father for the blessings and benefits we have received as a result of those who do protect human life and for those upholding marriage as You have ordained it.


Father, I ask that You pour out the Holy Spirit on our land, so that many will come to know Christ and receive salvation. Please cause Your Church to be faithful and not compromise. Please help our Pastors to be men that faithfully and fervently proclaim the whole council of God. May the Church sound forth the glory of Christ to a needy nation in both words and witness. Help us to be salt and light in an increasingly corrupt and dark place. Remind us that government cannot save us, but only the gospel of Jesus Christ can. Oh Lord, I long for the day when your Son returns, who alone is the King of kings and Lord of Lords. Only when He returns will righteousness abound in His Kingdom and to His glory there will be no end.


Help us to trust You regardless of the result of this election and to faithfully pray for our leaders as they lead our nation.


I pray this prayer in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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