Why Marriage is Important?

Why Marriage is Important?


What is the secret to a long and vibrant marriage? One couple was asked this question and the man was quick to answer. He said, “We take time to go to a restaurant twice a week – a little candlelight, dinner and soft music in the background – then a very slow walk home. She goes Tuesdays and I go Fridays.” Is that the secret to lasting marriage? The word of God has something very different to say.

Back in Genesis 2:24 we read these profound words, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh“. Here we have the institution of marriage and a Divine declaration of what marriage is. As I said in an old post, marriage is “between a man and a woman with the purpose of procreation (Gen. 1:28), pleasure (Proverbs 5:18-19), partnership (Gen. 2:18) and productivity (Gen. 1:28).”

Marriage is something that God has established. It is not an invention of the church nor is it something reserved for conservative Christians. Marriage is an institution that God has ordained and is grounded in creation. When God made male and female He intended for them to be married. Marriage provides many benefits of a spiritual, sexual and social nature. God ordained it and views it as important and precious. Sadly, many in our society do not share this view.

The family unit is being attacked and even mocked by many in our society. Many television programs display dysfunctional families. You see selfish and lazy husbands; wives who are continually trying to lead the family and put down their husbands and disobedient and rebellious children.

Television and society in general are attacking what God holds as precious. In addition to this attack and mockery, the world is promoting an alternative lifestyle. It is suggested that you don’t need to get married to have fun and be a family. We are being increasingly exposed to the sins of premarital sex. People living together before marriage, the promotion of abortion, divorce, disobedient and rebellious children and even child abuse are a part of family entertainment. These sins are becoming more openly accepted in society. They are championed on television programs.

To think that we are at the point where sexual sin is flaunted and defended shows how far we have departed from the mandate that God has set. We have gone so far from the Divine declaration of a man leaving his father and mother, and joining with his wife and becoming one flesh.

Next time, I would like to discuss the ramifications of a departure of God’s blueprint for marriage and family.


Photo Credit: 1941 wedding photo – Barton Archives

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  1. Simon

    Thanks for this, Andrew. A great summary of an important topic. It’s important to note that marriage is God’s design, not man’s or the Church’s. And it has ramifications and benefits beyond the mere institution.

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