What Lies Beneath?

What Lies Beneath?

I always find looking at an iceberg chilling. Ok… that’s bad humour… please excuse my play on words! However when looking at an iceberg from the perceived safety of a boat all can seem harmless. But as we know below the surface it’s an entirely different story! All is not what it seems.

This reminds me of the reality of sin in our lives. On the surface all can seem fine. So called “mature” Christians can seem to have it all together. However within our souls and out of sight it can be an entirely different story! As Christians, we will always struggle with sin in our lives, as we are sinful by nature. Don’t ever think other Christian’s don’t struggle with sin, not matter how godly they may seem. We ALL struggle with sin. A strong part to sin keeping reign over us is that we hide it from others. We don’t want people to see what really lies beneath. If we do, people will see us for who we are. If we do, people will think we are not a ‘good’ Christian. If we do, we will feel ashamed. If we do, God will be dishonoured, let alone us being a good witness to Him.

Well the truth is God is being dishonoured by us not only when we give into sin, but also when we keep it hidden. The best way to confront sin is not to hide it, but expose it, firstly to God and then to others. Doing so allows ourselves to receive the help we need to turn from it. That’s what repentance is all about. Acknowledging where we fall short and accepting the help from Christ to restore us, enabling us to turn from sin and to Him.

Now I am not saying we tell everyone else about our darkest secrets. That may not be helpful to us or them. However we need to develop some close, trusted friendships by which we can be completely vulnerable so that things are not kept in the dark. We all need the help of these types of friendships. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t. Most importantly though we need to allow God to help us. The power of sin lies in it’s shame and guilt over us. However through Christ we are now free from condemnation, we are united with Him in righteousness. Through Christ’s atoning and redemptive work for us, God is able to help and support us… NEVER to condemn us. Don’t let our struggle with sin stop you going to our merciful God for help. He will not turn you away!

I find that one of the greatest testimonies to the power of God in our lives is seeing how God transforms us from children of disobedience to children of obedience. When I hear of a Christian’s struggle with sin, only to see their repentance and reliance on Christ to help them turn from it, I am inspired! At those times I realise I am not alone. Others share in the same struggles I have. I realise there is hope because of Christ at work in us. I realise I am not helpless. I see what it is to live in victory and not darkness. Above all I see God glorified! God can use our struggles to testify to us, and those around us, His grace and transforming power in our lives. Are you willing to allow Him?


  1. Matthew Johnston

    Stu – Thanks again for another good post.

    You are right, it is a battle! I think of this quote;

    “Familiarity with vice does not produce disgust, it produces attachment.”
    – J. MacArthur

    • Stu (Author)

      Thanks for that quote Matt. The more we realise we all have our struggles and need support, the greater the chance of maturing in our faith and enjoying God… with God’s enabling power within our lives of course!

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