11 Biblical Tests of Genuine Salvation

11 Biblical Tests of Genuine Salvation

I’ve recently been speaking with people who are rather complacent about their ‘faith’. They attend church occasionally, but are quick to say they are “not religious“. They then go on to propose what amounts to a “many roads lead to God” theory.

Although I cannot look at their hearts, these kinds of conversations lead me to conclude that, sadly, these are people with no relationship with God.

I then thought about my own faith. What characteristics are indicative of genuine salvation. Are these characteristics evident in my life? I came across the following list which was useful for me to evaluate the health of my relationship with God. Please understand that we are saved through faith alone and none of these indicators are a means of salvation, rather, they are indicative of the work done by God alone in our lives; they are the outcome not the means.

  • When you sin, you are horrified and knowing He has already forgiven you, confess it to God.
  • Your heartbeat is to obey God; to gear your life around His Word and His work. You don’t always do what He says, but when you don’t, it causes you great concern. This you confess to God, seeking His enabling guidance and basking in His forgiveness.
  • You are ‘growing‘ spiritually. You’ve got an understanding for that which God wants you to pray. And you’ve got a passion to pray for people outside His Kingdom.
  • Your Bible study is expanding and you are making inroads with people when sharing your faith.
  • You are discerning; more acutely aware of spiritual error–in yourself and others.
  • And finally–you don’t shrink from the “embarrassment’ of being identified with Christ –You are prepared to, even welcome suffering for Christ.

How did you measure against this list? Are there other characteristics that you think I should have included?

Please let us know your thoughts.


These eleven points are adapted from a post on Fallen and Flawed written by Demian Farnworth.


  1. Soli deo gloria

    It is encouraging to see these marks and I find it a real challenge to compare my inner life against them.
    One thing is clear to me is this, that there are ebbs and flows in the Christian life. One day I can see quite clearly that some of these marks are advancing, but others are not doing quite so well. At other times it is other marks which are advancing, but not the others. Progress is a struggle, and you can’t take anything for granted. But thanks be to God, whether we are limping, walking, or running, He is taking all of His children day by day ‘a days march closer home’.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Stu (Author)

    Thanks for that Don. It’s a great reminder of the call we have as Christians in how we live for Christ. Like Soli deo gloria mentioned, looking back on our lives, our rate of maturity, or lack of, does fluctuate. We are broken in so many ways. However, how reassuring it is that our Lord is constant and that our faith is not based on how well I do in becoming more like Christ. It’s about giving my life to and trusting in Christ every day of my life… during the highs and lows. His perfect work and sacrifice that has saved me, not my ability to obey and reflect Him.

    It also reminds me of one of the key indications to our salvation – perseverance in the faith. Reflecting on who we are as Christians and what Christ has saved us from should result in a changed mindset and approach to our lives. Persevering in our faith, ie continuing continuing to trust in Christ with our lives, till the day we die is a key indicator that our faith is genuine and not a fab in our lives that feeds our need of the time.

  3. Don

    Thanks for the link, Jeff. As you can see on our site, your Bog is at the top of our Blogroll (helps when it starts with an “A” :)).

    I enjoy reading your posts which I check every week.

    Your brother in Christ, Don

  4. gail

    I found just what I needed from your site. Thank you very much and may God for ever bless you as you do what he has told you to do.

    Thank’s, your in Christ.

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