The Messiah in the Manger

The Messiah in the Manger


The birth of Jesus was an extraordinary birth. It came as the result of the sovereign plan of God. This sovereign plan was determined before the foundation of world and in time was revealed in the Scriptures. It is for this reason the entrance of Jesus Christ into the world was not random or reactionary. He entered into the world in precise fulfillment to prophecy. Over the course of His life, He fulfilled around 100 ancient prophecies. Here are just a few: He was born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14 and Matt. 1:23); He was born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2 and Matt. 2:6); He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey’s colt (Zech. 9:9 and John 12:14); He was betrayed (Psalm 41:9 and John 13:18); the betrayal was for 30 pieces of silver (Zech. 11:12 and Matt. 27:14-16), He died a sacrificial and substitutionary death (Isa. 53); and He rose from the dead (Isa. 53:10 and Matt. 28:6). This was no ordinary entrance into the world; it was an entrance that took place in precise fulfillment prophecy.


This was no ordinary baby in the manger. This Child was the Eternal Son of God and the promised Messiah. The word “Messiah” is rich with OT expectation. The word literally means, the “anointed one.” In the Old Testament, kings, priests and prophets (1 Kings 19:16; Psalm 105:15; Isaiah 61:1) were anointed. This anointing with oil symbolically represented the imparting of the Holy Spirit to the individual. Jesus is called “Messiah” because He is the “Anointed One” from God. As the Messiah, He possesses the three-fold office: prophet, priest and king. As Prophet, He brings God’s truth to His people in a complete way that no other prophet could do. The invisible God became visible through Jesus Christ. As Priest, He brings His people to God in a complete way, for He was the perfect sacrifice that bore the wrath of God and brought forgiveness of sin. As King, He rules over His people, and will one day return and reign on earth and for all eternity will be King of kings. He is the Messiah.


The manger scene is an incredible reminder of what happened when Jesus was born. The Messiah was in the manger! This Child came as the promised Messiah to fulfil a plan. What was this plan? I will discuss this in the next post.


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