An Internet Minute

An Internet Minute

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We commenced our web-ministry a little over three years ago.

There have been times when we questioned whether the effort in producing and managing a quality web-presence was worth the effort and expense. Our conclusion has always been a big


We have done nothing to hype our web presence; no sensational post titles, no misleading key-words, no unseemly graphic images, no tricks; just a series of God-honouring, gospel-focused posts that speak to our conviction to be faithful servants of Christ.

I must confess, there have been times when we became chuffed about our accomplishments in this effort. Google Analytics informs us that we have had approximately 101,000 people make 125,000 visits to our website. For a small church, those numbers are staggering. But to put them into the context of Internet numbers, they are hardly worth a mention. Hardly, that is, until you stop to think that these numbers represent real people, many, perhaps most of whom have never heard the gospel. So even if God uses our site to reach .5% (505) of our viewers with the gospel message – the effort is well worth it.


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