You are in a Covenant with God

You are in a Covenant with God

You are in a Covenant with God

In Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (P&R Publishing, 1987), John Frame writes that everything is in covenant with God.

“During the creation week, all things, plants animals and persons, are appointed to be covenant servants, to obey God’s law, and to be instruments … of His gracious purpose. Thus everything and everybody is in covenant with God … The Creator-creature relation is a covenant relation, a Lord-servant relation.” (p. 13)

This idea of everything being in a covenant with God is central to Reformed theology and philosophy. It is not just obedient creatures that are in covenant with God. Disobedient creatures are also. In other words, believers are in covenant with God, and so are non-believers. Everything is in relationship to God the Creator. Therefore, no-one is able to escape the presence of God, and no-one is able to escape covenant relationship to him (Psalm 139:7-12, Isaiah 24:5).

What is most central for us as creatures of God is to decide whether we want to be in a covenant of grace and love, or a covenant of sin and wrath. These are Reformed systematic theology categories, but in short we must be either in Jesus Christ (Grace) or in Adam (Wrath). It’s up to you. If you choose Christ, you choose life. If you reject Christ, you choose Adam and your sin. Read Romans 5 to see what Paul has to say about this.

In any case, you’re in a covenant with God. Which one? That’s what we all need to decide.


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