Don’t be Complacant

Don’t be Complacant

I read where a school principle in the US was required to publicly apologise for reading a poem to his students that criticised the state’s law that prohibited the mention of God in public schools. One wonders why he apologised. He must have known it would cause flack. If he had the courage to read it – why didn’t he have the courage to say no to an apology?

The State of Victoria currently has a law on the books that permits Christian Religious Education classes in primary schools. The CRE program is a ministry of Access Ministries. Who knows how long this wonderful program will be supported by the law? Don’t be complacent about this very important opportunity to influence children with the Christian message.

A second program, School Chaplaincy, the funding for which is currently under review, is another marvelous opportunity for ministry to communities throughout Australia. School chaplaincy has been recognised as one of the most significant youth-focused ministries for young people that is taking place in Australian schools.

Why not take a minute and write your MP indicating your support for the School Chaplaincy Program?


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