Does Your Faith Matter?

Does Your Faith Matter?

George Barna, in his book, “Growing True Disciples, said this, “..most believers say that their faith matters, but few are investingAlone2 much energy in the pursuit of spiritual growth. We seem to possess an abundance of desire, but a dearth of commitment.”

His survey found that:

18% of all believers surveyed said that their effort to grow spiritually is the single, most intense commitment in their life.

52% said that they work consistently to grow spiritually but with limited success.

Another 20% said that they work occasionally to grow spiritually but are not consistent.

The remaining 10% admitted that they are neither involved nor interested in growing spiritually.

What were their reasons Christians gave for not pursuing spiritual growth more passionately?

66% said they are just too busy to give the process the time it requires.

25% cited a general lack of interest or motivation to grow.

Here’s what Barna concluded.

Contemporary Christianity suffers from “a lack of passion to be godly.” We’re all busy, and Jesus comes along and asks us to get serious about spiritual growth.

What’s our response?

We give intellectual assent to the idea, but when push comes to shove, our schedules are already bloated with other, more important tasks, opportunities and responsibilities. We have passion, but it is not a passion for the matters of God.”


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