Dear Prime Minister, Re: Homosexual Marriage

Dear Prime Minister, Re: Homosexual Marriage

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The Cameron government in the UK has recently undertaken some measures to “investigate” introducing same-sex marriage legislation. A Christian blogger has written a thoughtful letter to David Cameron regarding this. As the Australian Federal Senate begins considering public submissions regarding this same issue, I thought these thoughts would be worth considering:

“Dear Prime Minister, Re: Same-sex marriage You must be aware that there are many Christians in this country who are experiencing a variety of reactions to the proposal (or is it decision?) to permit same- sex marriage. Reactions include disbelief, that such a major change in the family and social structures of this country could go through without a serious debate about the issues, or at least get a mention in your party manifesto to put people ‘on notice’; disillusionment that political power is being used to override the sincerely held convictions of millions on a major issue; and disappointment at the way our very valid objections and questions are being sidestepped or met with contempt or abuse. For example one has heard too often phrases like ‘you’re just behind the times – in fifty years everyone will wonder what the fuss was about’; or (from various sources if not governmental ones) ‘you’re just homophobic and discriminatory’. A letter of response I have received from the Home Office relies again on two main arguments. . . ”

Read the rest here. (HT: Jeremy Walker, who is, I might add, a Reformed Baptist and runs an excellent blog called “The Wanderer”. Check him out.)


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