“Going to Church”

“Going to Church”

“We get used to going — “going to church” is what it is called; the reality is, we, the church, are going to each other, to meet together. We gather to join again as one body, under the headship of Christ, to worship, pray, sing, hear the truths of the Bible, and build one another up in faith and love.

We get used to going week in and week out; it becomes a routine, almost a rut — the tendency is to get used to it.

But please don’t!

Don’t get used to it.

When we get used to it, we then have no heart and mind preparation, and we bring no heart with us to the church meeting; then we go without expectancy of God meeting with us personally.

So as you go today, stop and get some expectancy in your heart. Ask the Lord Jesus to meet with you today “at church” – at the meeting of His saints; He will do so for seeking and asking souls; when He does, we are changed by Him and we then love the meeting of the church even more.

Today God can meet with you at church; ask Him to, and then bring a hungry expectant heart there with you.

I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us go unto the house of the Lord‘ (Psalm 122:1).”
~ Mack Tomlinson


  1. Lyn

    In reflecting on what church is for, wouldn’t it be great if everyone went with the desire to meet with God there, as you say Don; but also wouldn’t it be great if everyone went to church asking God to use them to bless others there. For a long time I searched for somewhere to be fed but maybe I need to be led to a church where I will have the opportunity to feed others.

    • Don

      Thanks, Lyn. Yours is the correct conclusion.

      It’s interesting to note that whenever the Apostle Paul writes about the way in which the church should function, he stresses the importance of each member of the body contributing according to the spiritual gifts each has been given – the purpose of which is to mutually edify one another in order to strengthen the church. In every case where spiritual gifts are taught, the purpose is not for self-fulfilment or self-satisfaction but to strengthen the church by each member serving the other. Romans 12:5; Ephesians 4:12; 1 Corinthians 12:7, 14:12, 26

      The clear implication is that we have a responsibility to serve our brothers and sisters. We are accountable for their wellbeing, hence the health of the church. Of course, as each serves others, in turn we are being served. However, mutual ministry is not about having our needs met but rather, that the body of Christ might grow in spiritual maturity in order to take the good news of Christ to others and bring glory to God.

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