Why is God so Ready to Hear the Prayers of Men?

Why is God so Ready to Hear the Prayers of Men?

The Most High A Prayer-Hearing God
by Jonathan Edwards
Dated January, 1735

Psalms 65:2, “O thou that hearest prayer.”

Why is God so ready to hear the prayers of men? — To this I answer,

First, because he is a God of infinite grace and mercy. It is indeed a very wonderful thing, that so great a God should be so ready to hear our prayers, though we are so despicable and unworthy.

Second, we have a glorious Mediator, who has prepared the way, that our prayers may he heard consistently with the honor of God’s justice and majesty. Not only has God in himself mercy sufficient for this, but the Mediator has provided that this mercy may be exercised consistently with the divine honor. Through him we may come to God for mercy. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No man can come to the Father but by him. This Mediator hath done three things to make way for the hearing of our prayers

  1. He hath by his blood made atonement for sin, so that our guilt need not stand in the way, as a separating wall between God and us, and that our sins might not be a cloud through which our prayers cannot pass. By his atonement he hath made the way to the throne of grace open. God would have been infinitely gracious if there had been no Mediator, but the way to the mercy-seat would have been blocked up. But Christ hath removed whatever stood in the way. The veil which was before the mercy-seat “is rent from the top to the bottom” by the death of Christ. If it had not been for this, our guilt would have remained as a wall of brass to hinder our approach. But all is removed by his blood, Heb. 10:17, etc.
  2. Christ, by his obedience, has purchased this privilege, viz. that the prayers of those who believe in him should be heard. He has not only removed the obstacles to our prayers, but has merited a hearing of them. His merits are the incense that is offered with the prayers of the saints, which renders them a sweet savor to God, and acceptable in his sight. Hence the prayers of the saints have such power with God. Hence at the prayer of a poor worm of the dust, God stopped the sun in his course for about the space of a whole day. Hence Jacob as a prince had power with God, and prevailed. Our prayers would be of no account, and of no avail with God, were it not for the merits of Christ.
  3. Christ enforces the prayers of his people, by his intercession at the right hand of God in heaven. He hath entered for us into the holy of holies, with the incense which he hath provided, and there he makes continual intercession for all that come to God in his name, so that their prayers come to God the Father through his hands, if I may so say, which is represented in Rev. 8:3, 4, “And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar, which is before the throne. And the smoke of the incense which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God, out of the angel’s hand.” — This was typified of old by the priest’s offering incense in the temple, at the time when the people were offering up their prayers to God, as Luke 1:10, “And the whole multitude of the people were praying without at the time of incense.”


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  1. David

    I wonder why we ignore the writings of JE. His is renowned as the greatest philosopher America has ever produced, and he was to our great benefit an outstanding Christian thinker who could articulate what he had personally experienced veer deeply. Some say he’s too hard to read. Some dismiss him as a fuddy fuddy Puritan. Welcome to age of self absorbed superficial and intellectually lazy supermarket Christianity! Well for those who want to roll their sleeves up and do a bit of ‘home gardening’ the place to start is some excellent little précis of puritan works. Edwards deserves to be considered, and you can get hold of a book called ‘The Experience that counts’ published by Grace Publications (evangelical press). Happy reading!

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