Spiritual Growth (Page 12)

Spiritual Growth (Page 12)

A Spirit of Love

Colossians 3:14-15 “the most important piece of clothing you must wear is love. Love is what binds us all together in perfect harmony.” John 14:15 “If you love me, you will obey what I command.” Finally, the one fruit of the Spirit that binds all the others together is love, for without love we are nothing and anything we do is pointless and fruitless (1Cor 13:2-3). It is…

Unleashing the Fruit of the Spirit

Do you remember when you became a Christian; that time when you surrendered your life to Jesus and accepted Him as Lord and Saviour? Do you remember what you were like then as a person as opposed to now? Is there any difference? The decision to live for Christ doesn’t stop with a decision. It must be followed by a changed lifestyle.

Tough love

Confrontation is a part of any healthy relationship. However we must first look at ourselves first before we confront someone else. Also confrontation should always be done with the attitude of the other person’s benefit, not with an attitude of condemnation.

Four Essential Christian Habits

There are four essential Christian habits for spiritual growth. Whenever one or more of these is neglected, the result is a Christian who chooses to stunt his or her spiritual growth. 1. BIBLE READING… a. The Word of God is crucial to growing spiritually –  1 Peter 2:2 b. David described the value of God’s Word – Psalms 19:7 – 11 He also…