Faith (Page 3)

Faith (Page 3)


Look up. Look more to your risen Head in heaven, and try to realize more that the Lord Jesus not only died for you, but that He also rose again, and that He is ever living at God’s right hand as your Priest, your Advocate, and your Almighty Friend.

You are in a Covenant with God

In Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (P&R Publishing, 1987), John Frame writes that everything is in covenant with God. “During the creation week, all things, plants animals and persons, are appointed to be covenant servants, to obey God’s law, and to be instruments … of His gracious purpose. Thus everything and everybody is in covenant with God…

Is Christianity a Religion?

Picture credit: Wikipedia In The Myth Of Religious Violence, William T. Cavanaugh analyses the use of the term “religion” and uncovers some very interesting things. Some of these things I may expand upon at a later date, but one part of the discussion I will quote below (p. 63). Here he quotes and paraphrases Augustine of Hippo: ‘For…

High Octane Calvinism

Speaking of Calvinism, I like what Douglas Wilson has to say about the grace & works dilemma and how “High Octane Calvinism” is the only solution. How can we balance our focus on God’s grace, and also our focus on obedience and discipleship? Watch here for his answer.

Headings in the Bible

Religious rules won’t help us live for Christ and put sin to death. But if we focus on Jesus, on things above, we will be able to put sin to death and live to please God (Col. 3:1-4). So we are to set our minds on things above: on Jesus. We are to put to death earthly things, such as rules and our sins!

The Prosperity Gospel?

“If you profess to be a child of God, leave to the Lord Jesus to sanctify you in His own way. Rest satisfied that He never makes any mistakes. Be sure that He does all things well. The winds may howl around you, and waters swell. But fear not, ‘He is leading you by the right way, that He may bring you to a city of habitation’ (Psalm 107:7).”