Doctrine (Page 9)

Doctrine (Page 9)

Christians and Passover

When Jesus returns, God’s judgment will come. But it will pass over us, because Jesus’ blood has been shed to atone for our sins. So what does a present day Jewish Passover meal have to do with all this? Would it help Christians to see one? Does it contain some deep truths that will deepen our understanding of what Christ has done?

No Power in Faith

I acquired a Kindle this past Spring. It has been one of the best technology purchases I’ve made in recent years – not so much because of the technology, but because it has opened the door to the writings of men of God. I have loaded the works of men like Bunyan, G.K. Chesterson, John Calvin, D.A.Carson, John Owen, Charels Stanley, Wayne Gruden, Martin Luther,…

5 Easy Ways to Totally Spoil the Gospel

“…there are many ways in which the faith of Christ may be marred and spoiled, without being positively denied. And here we venture to think is the very reason that so much religion called Christian, is not truly Evangelical. The Gospel in fact is a most curiously and delicately compounded medicine, and a medicine that is very easily spoiled.” Rev. J. C. Ryle D.D.…