Doctrine (Page 10)

Doctrine (Page 10)

Biblical Sainthood

There have of course been those who have taken the story (of Mary MacKillop) as an opportunity to criticize the church and Christianity in general. They are always careful of course to praise MacKillop for the work that she did before seeking to undermine the very reason for which she served so faithfully and sacrificially, her faith and a desire to serve God.

The Myth of Circumstantial Freedom

MOST PEOPLE say that they believe in “free will.” Do you have any idea what that means? I believe that you will find a great deal of superstition on this subject. The will is saluted as the grand power of the human soul which is completely free to direct our lives. But from what is it free? And what is its power?

God Alone Saves

What do we say of those who have professed to be Christians, and even showed a lot of evidence in their lives, yet choose to go their own way, not ever appearing to ‘return’ to the Lord. How do we explain that?