Bible Reading for 2015

Bible Reading for 2015


Bible 2015God – the Creator and Sovereign of the universe – is not silent. He has spoken and continues to speak through His Word. For this reason, reading Scripture is of paramount importance for the people of God. As we start a New Year, this is a great time to choose a Bible reading plan, be resolved and start reading!

My friend Nathan W. Bingham (Internet Outreach Manager at Ligonier Ministries) has compiled a helpful list of 14 different Bible reading plans for 2015. I commend this helpful compilation to you.

As we read through the Scriptures, let us strive to apply the following: Firstly, Desire the Word (Psalm 42:1; 119:131). Secondly Read the Word (1 Timothy 4:13Rev. 1:3). Thirdly Meditate on the Word (Joshua 1:8) in the fourth place, Memorize the Word (Psalm 119:11) and Finally, take the time to Obey the Word (John 14:15).

There are many ways and approaches to reading the Bible, but the most important thing is to read and apply what you read.

Happy reading for 2015!

Bible Reading Plans for 2015 from Ligonier Ministries


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