A Winsome Warrior: My Tribute to RC Sproul

A Winsome Warrior: My Tribute to RC Sproul


I first heard about R.C. Sproul when I was a teenager. Very soon after I discovered Renewing Your Mind the wider world of Ligonier Ministries became a continuous blessing to my life and ministry. When I had saved up money to go to the Christian bookstore during my theological training, I often made a point to purchase a book by Sproul.  I loved to tell friends about RC and share how much of an encouragement his teaching had been to me.

The first teaching series I listened to was The Holiness of God. This powerful, pointed, and practical instruction gave me an exalted understanding of our Lord like no other series. All that I have read, listened to, and watched by R.C. have always provided me with a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Among many things, one thing that I have appreciated about RC is the way he communicated God’s Word with clarity and conviction. He had a way of making challenging concepts clear and compelling. He also made use of humour in a charming manner. I loved his books, Ligonier teaching series, conference addresses, his answers in Q & A, and above all his preaching at Saint Andrews.

Ligonier’s resources by R.C. Sproul have been used in numerous ways at Hills Bible Church (the church I am pastoring) and in my household. Editions from Sproul’s Crucial Questions series are given to new church members and a number of his teaching videos have been used in weekly Bible study groups. His children’s book have provided great teaching and discussions with my children. A picture of Sproul even featured on a homemade card by my children for one of their games! As a Pastor, I will continue to make great use of his resources for me personally and for those in our church. Ligonier Ministries is very special to me.

Though I never met R.C., I did listen to him, watch him, and read him regularly. There was a warmth to his style and a winsomeness to his speech – it was as if I knew him. This meant that when we spoke of him in our family and Bible study group, we spoke of him as a dear friend.

This year, a faithful and fervent servant of the Lord has gone to be with our loving Saviour. I am thankful for the way God used this Winsome Warrior in the life of a young man in Australia.

God used R.C.

Andrew Courtis

Pastor | Hills Bible Church


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