Two Quotes about Conversion

Two Quotes about Conversion

In the light of Stu’s previous post on “Saving Faith“, I thought readers would be interested in these two quotes on conversion from two giants of gospel proclamation.

J. C. Ryle:
“To be “born of God” is to be the subject of an inward change of heart, so complete, that it is like passing into a new existence. It is the introduction into the human soul of a seed from heaven, a new principle, a Divine nature, a new will. Certainly it is no outward bodily alteration; but it is no less certain that it is an entire alteration of the inward man.

“It adds no new faculties to our minds; but it gives an entirely new bent and bias to our old ones. The tastes and opinions of one “born of God,” his views of sin, of the world, of the Bible, of God, and of Christ, are so thoroughly new, that he is to all intents and purposes what Paul calls “a new creature.”

John Piper to a group of pastors:
“Catch on to the affectional nature of Christianity, conversion. It is not merely a decision to believe a fact. It is a heart treasuring Christ and His glory more than football, sex, money, power, play, toys. You gotta make this an issue Sunday after Sunday so that they feel scared that they’re not saved.

“You know, I think some pastors are so afraid that somebody might walk up at the end of the service and say, “you really jostled my assurance this morning.” If we don’t -jostle- people’s assurance when they’re not saved, we send them to hell.

“We must preach in such a way so that people can test — Test Yourself! 2 Cor 13:5 says, “test yourself to see if you are in the faith”. Well, one of the tests is do you love Football more than you love Jesus? Do you love Golf more than you love Christ? What does your heart say about Christ? Late at night, all alone, in front of an internet screen, mouse ready to click, what does your heart say about Christ over pornography?”

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  1. Stu (Author)

    I like what John Piper said about us testing our faith. We don’t do it enough. With a lack of clear teaching on the full biblical Gospel in the church and the need for repentance as well as trusting in Christ, we need to challenge people to examine themselves to test they are in the faith, or just going through a ‘phase’ that suits their needs. Time is the acid test as to who are truly born again Christians. The consequences of false conversions are too high for us to cower in fear of a little defensiveness from others. May we challenge one another with a bold, yet gracious attitude. Apart from God’s grace none of us would be saved… may we never forget that!

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