May is Digital Outreach Month

May is Digital Outreach Month

“You have an incredible gift at your fingertips – literally. Your keyboard,” says the team at Internet Evangelism Day. They claim there is growing potential to share the good news online in a variety of ways. Christians can investigate these options during May, which has been designated Digital Outreach Month. At its center is the worldwide annual focus Sunday, Internet Evangelism Day itself, on May 15.

“You do not need to be technical,” says Tony Whittaker, IE Daycoordinator. “There are many simple yet fulfilling ways of being salt and light in cyberspace.”

On May 15, IE Day is partnering with several major publishers to offer free e-book downloads of Christian titles which are normally pay-for. These cover web evangelism, social networking and other areas of effective communication.

“This is a great opportunity to explore digital evangelism. I encourage Christians everywhere to take advantage of these free downloads to learn how to effectively share their faith in the digital world,” says Naomi Frizzell, Chief Communications Officer of The Lausanne Movement.

IE Day encourages churches and other groups to focus on digital evangelism during May, at any level they choose. As a minimum, IE Day can be featured in a church bulletin, so that members can investigate its resource website. Alternatively, focus spots can be created during meetings using IE Day’s free downloadable video clips or PowerPoint, or even perform a drama sketch that relates to online evangelism. Two new video-clip resource sites could be showcased live by projection, to demonstrate how to add an evangelistic video to Facebook with one click. These videos can also be downloaded to a mobile phone to share face-to-face.

IE Day’s site includes pages on using mobile phones for evangelism, creating ‘outsider-friendly’ church websites and introductory videos, social networking, how to blog or build a website, and much else. Explore to learn more.


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