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One step back, two steps forward, trusting God

One step back, two steps forward, trusting GodI find it hard to trust God. I’m sure as the pastor that at times I must believe that building God’s church is up to me and my skills and activities. God forbid! I need to be reminded that God gives the growth (1 Cor 3:7). And I need to trust that…

We Don’t Walk Alone

Life can be frightening when we don’t know what lies ahead. However Jesus challenges us to trust in Him and follow obediently, knowing that He will hold us afloat in the storms of life that come our way.

Answered Prayer

I recently read an  interesting story about a church that was trying to impact their community for the Glory of the Lord. However, their reaction was sadly telling when God answered their prayers. It appears that this story is more than likely an urban legend but the story is still funny. ____________________________ In a small Texas town, Drummond’s bar began…

Why do I need Jesus?

Recently I was given the opportunity to tell people at church about how I came to be a Christian. It’s always a bit nerve-racking to stand up the front of a group of people and be vulnerable about your past. However I am a strong believer in being real about our struggles and trials in life so that we can see God’s power at work. No one is perfect. Everyone…

Who’s Church is This Anyway?

Well here it is. I found myself counting heads during the service. Why did that matter to me? Is the number of people attending our worship service in any way indicative of God’s blessing? Well, perhaps – or perhaps not. But one thing’s for sure, counting heads during the worship service is not compatible with Phillipians 4:6. You see, I was anxious – I thought to…
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